Guy Fed Up With Neighbor Parking in His Spot Tows his Car Himself, Didn’t Expect the Consequences

Sometimes a bad neighbor can ruin a home. Whether it’s a dispute over a hedge or a borrowed object that’s never returned, two passive-aggressive neighbors can escalate tension between themselves until they’re engaged in a vicious suburban cold war of attrition. Soon whole families are involved, cul-de-sacs are divided and lawsuits are being filed, police called to settle the score. It can get pretty damn ugly if things are allowed to simmer for too long.

But there are bad neighbors and then there are BAD neighbors. A video of a residential fracas has gone viral this week, when one disgruntled resident decided to tow the other’s car.

Allegedly the dispute between neighbors came about as a result of one person parking their truck in the other’s parking space. However, things escalated when the irritated dude decided to take the law into his own hands and steal their truck himself. An amused onlooker recorded the whole thing.

But this already bizarre situation took a definite turn for the surreal when one man began to physically assault the other, who was dressed only in his underwear. Wow. Who knows what that’s all about? I bet life must always be pretty interesting on that street. Still, if it was a choice between this and having to listen to a particularly amorous neighbour long into the wee hours of the night, I’d pick the car-parking dispute every time