Guy Gets Attacked on the Street For Taking Pictures of a Crime Scene, They Instantly Regret It

Apparently emotional feelings are more important than physical pain. That’s what these three knuckleheads seem to think, anyway.

This footage comes from Reddit, but the assaulted man provided an account of what happened to a separate source. On the corner of Market St and Sutter St in San Francisco, a taxi cab collided into news stand and shoe shine stand in a rare, bizarre occurrence. The man below began to take pictures of the incident after having witnessed it happen.

Suddenly, three bystanders approached him and began yelling at him for taking the images. They claimed he was potentially hurting theĀ “feelings and emotions” of those involved. The man tries to walk away, but not before yelling at the other man to “get his girl out of my face”.

Without warning, the man takes a swing at the amateur photographer, suddenly locking them into an all out street brawl. After taking the other guy down and pinning him to the ground in the hopes that he could hold him until police arrived, the two women began attacking him as well. Thankfully, other bystanders step in to pull them off of him before much damage is done.

This comes to beg a certain question – while it’s true that bystanders should probably be first concerned with helping those who might have been hurt in a crime scene, if it’s revealed that everyone is ok, is there any harm in then taking pictures and documenting the event? In all honesty, we would think not. Wouldn’t the innocent want as much video and photographic evidence as possible? The guy in this video was certainly thankful – thanks to the footage below and witness accounts of the incident, these three are now undergoing litigation and being charged with assault. Keep those cameras rolling, friends, at least in public.