Guy Livestreams Himself Getting MURDERED to Facebook

A man has been shot dead in Chicago, while live streaming the whole event on Facebook. Antonio Perkins, 28, was reportedly using Facebook Live when he was gunned down in the street in Chicago’s West Side.

In footage which is extremely distressing, Perkins falls down onto the blood-stained grass, while others around him scream for assistance. The father of three was shot in the head and neck, before being pronounced dead at Mount Sinai hospital.

Leaving behind three young children, aged eight, six and two, this is another tragedy to add to the ever growing list of murders in America.

Police have released information which suggests that Perkins was a known gang member, however his father rejected this claim by saying: “He was a good guy and not involved in gangs”. It is also being circulated that Perkins had recently bought a car and was starting a new job at McDonald’s. A new start perhaps? Regardless of his past, Perkins’ death is beyond tragic.

The graphic footage has been uploaded to YouTube and has been seen across a range of media outlets and platforms in the last day. Whatever the reason for Perkins’ death, I think we can all agree that violence like this is truly, truly senseless.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.