Guy Pulls Knife on Man In Road Rage Fight, Gets His Ass Kicked Anyway

If you are going to threaten someone with a deadly weapon then don’t expect them to forgive you when you decide not to use it.

The reason these two men are arguing on this Hawaiian road is up for debate, it most likely was just road rage after a traffic dispute. The smaller dude decided that it was a great idea to whip out a knife after realizing that his opponent was a much larger man than him. Obviously the other guy didn’t want to go up against a dude with a knife and tried to talk him down and put the knife away, which surprisingly worked. The smaller moron not only put the knife away in his car but he decided that he wasn’t done and went to confront the other guy again.

He gets everything that was coming to him. When he was no longer an actual deadly threat, the bigger guy was easily able to push him down to the asphalt and get a few good kicks in. The knife guy had a buddy who tried to intervene and telling the big dude to let it go, but it’s pretty hard to let go the fact that he just had his life threatened.

You can watch the whole fight go down in the video below: