High School Idiot Pulls Out a Fake Gun During Fist Fight, Does NOT Go As Planned

Dear responsible gun owners, can you remind me of when it is appropriate to point your gun at another person? If you answered “only when you intend to shoot”, there may be hope for humanity yet.

This kid, however, may want to get his brain checked. In a fight with what appears to be a friend of his, one young fresh faced idiot managed to scare his friends shitless and piss off the whole neighborhood in just a few seconds when he pulled out a pellet gun in the middle of a fight.

Ironically, if he hadn’t “shot” the gun, nobody may have been the wiser to his stunt. Instead, he proved its fakeness with a few quick shots, which lead to him rightly being tackled by several people.

For the record, do NOT point a gun, fake or otherwise, at your friends. It’s not a good idea, and chances are if you’re as pathetic as these idiots, you might accidentally pick up a real one next time.