Hillary Clinton Appears to Go Into Seizure In Clip From New Interview, Tries to Play it Off

Hillary Clinton normally tries to present herself as a strong, well put together politician. While many of us already know this isn’t really the case (how stable┬ácan you be if you always have to pander to people?), a new video shows a glimpse of a deeper look.

During an interview, the democratic nominee began going into convulsions, eliciting laughter from her interviewers. People from around the net are already speculating into whether or not she has an illness we are unaware of, or if she were mocking someone or people with an illness.

She tries to pass it off by laughing and referencing her drink, apparently blaming the convulsion on her cold chai while ignoring a question about senator Elizabeth Warren.

This does not look like a common seizure, unless seizures are so common to her that she already knows how to control it. Regardless, check out the video below and see if you spot this in future interviews.