This ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Of Debate Between Hillary and Bernie Absolutely Destroys Them!

What do you do in an election year where literally every candidate is a terrible choice? The way we see it, you have three options:

A) Vote for the candidate who most aligns with your viewpoints, regardless of the issues you disagree on.

B) Vote for the candidate who is least likely to drive the country straight to hell.

C) Realize that we’re screwed regardless of who gets elected and put all of the energy you would have spent on supporting a candidate into dubbing over the debates to make them sound more like their true selves.

If you answered C, you’re in for a treat. Youtube channel Bad Lip Reading has taken on plenty of debates before, but none as funny as this one between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and senator Bernie Sanders. Check out the video below and prepare to enjoy a massacre – definitely against Bernie, Hillary’s too easy to destroy as it is. #gottalovebernieboi