Jerk Co-Worker Seriously Regrets Stealing Coffee Creamer Every Day After Reading This Note


If you’ve ever worked in an office environment with a single fridge, chances are you’ve entertained the idea of stealing a teeeeeny little bit of something that wasn’t yours. One grape, one cookie, one sip of juice… They’ll never notice, right?

Unfortunately, property is property, whether it cost $2.99 or $2,999. Some employees never seem to learn this, however. If you’re looking to teach them, what better way than what this woman did when she saw that someone had been repeatedly taking her coffee creamer?

Yes, that’s right: the woman who was having her creamer pinched decided to get her own back on her thief by replacing the cow’s milk with milk from her own fair breasts. But don’t worry, coffee creamer stealer guy… it’s organic!


The brilliant trickster decided to share her note with Reddit. It predictably went straight to the front page, and resulted in a combination of terrible boob puns, laughter, and a fair few breast milk fetishists worming their way out of the woodwork. Who knew?

I don’t know about you, but I’m now slightly concerned as to why this woman had so much spare breast milk floating around in the first place. Let’s hope she’s not letting her baby go hungry in order to play pranks on her thieving colleagues.