The 19 Professions With the Highest Suicide Rates

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Sometimes the pressure gets to you.

High-skill and high-stakes occupations have elevated suicide rates, according to data compiled with help from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Dentists really are suicidal, as has been reported before.

But physicians are even more likely to kill themselves, with a suicide rate nearly 100% above average.

Engineers, financiers and lawyers also make the list, along with certain highly-skilled blue collar jobs.

We are the first publication to sort through NIOSH’s database on cause of death by occupation, which includes more than 11 million death certificates dated from 1984 to 1998. The numbers listed in this article refer to white men in occupations with a sample size greater than 1,000 deaths. See the last slides for a discussion of suicide rates for other races and genders.

19) Natural scientists are 1.28 times more likely to commit suicide than average


NIOSH recorded 353 suicides among 14,923 white male deaths.

18) Pharmacists are 1.29 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 147 suicides among 7,719 white male deaths.

17) Precision woodworkers are 1.3 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 203 suicides among 7,536 white male deaths.

16) Electricians are 1.31 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 439 suicides among 8,324 white male deaths. Category includes electrical & electronic technicians.

15) Heat treating equipment operators are 1.32 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 34 suicides among 1,880 white male deaths.

14) Farm managers are 1.32 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 94 suicides among 4,959 white male deaths. Category includes all farm managers except horticultural.

13) Lathe operators are 1.33 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 44 suicides among 2,012 white male deaths. Category includes lathe & turning machine operators.

12) Lawyers are 1.33 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 445 suicides among 19,859 white male deaths. Category includes lawyers & judges.

11) Electrical equipment assemblers are 1.36 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 89 suicides among 2,017 white male deaths. Category includes electrical & electronic equipment assemblers.

10) Real estate sellers are 1.38 times more likely to commit suicide than average


NIOSH recorded 460 suicides among 18,763 white male deaths. Category includes real estate sales occupations.

9) Hand molders are 1.39 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 48 suicides among 2,084 white male deaths. Category includes hand molders & shapers except jewelers.

8) Urban planners are 1.43 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 148 suicides among 3,068 white male deaths. Category includes social scientists & urban planners.

7) Supervisors of heavy construction equipment are 1.46 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 35 suicides among 2,038 white male deaths. Category includes supervisors of material moving equipment operators.

6) Chiropractors are 1.5 times more likely to commit suicide than average


NIOSH recorded 43 suicides among 1,516 white male deaths. Category includes chiropractors (a licensed profession) along with miscellaneous unlicensed health diagnosing practitioners.

5) Finance workers are 1.51 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 170 suicides among 4,562 white male deaths. Category includes securities and financial services sales occupations.

4) Veterinarians are 1.54 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 39 suicides among 1,353 white male deaths.

3) Dentists are 1.67 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 148 suicides among 6,274 white male deaths.

2) Physicians are 1.87 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 476 suicides among 16,887 white male deaths.

1) Marine engineers are 1.89 times more likely to commit suicide


NIOSH recorded 35 suicides among 1,295 white male deaths. Category includes marine engineers & naval architects.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.


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