Bully Tries to Beat Up Smaller Kid, Gets an Unexpected Surprise When His Victim Busts Out MMA Moves

Footage of the moment a schoolboy bully got his comeuppance after picking on the wrong kid on the playground has surfaced, and boy is it gratifying!

The film starts out showing taller schoolboy going up to another pupil and shoving him. The teenager chooses not to retaliate as the bully walks towards him and pushes him once more – this time hard and in the chest.

Deciding he has had enough of being shoved around, the boy drops his school bag and decides to face up to the taller pupil. He raises his hands to protect himself as the teenager takes up a stance to fight.

The video maker anticipates the inevitable brawl as the boy throws a right-handed punch and hits the bully square in the face.

Moments later it appears that the taller teenager is beginning to get the upper hand as he starts to wriggle free.
But the boy flips the bully over once more and gets him in a grappling hold. The video concludes with other pupils, who were previously watching, stepping in to stop the fight and pick both teenagers up from the ground. Friends of the boy congratulate him for standing up to the bully.