Kim’s Ex-Bodyguard Says Apartment Raid is ‘100 Percent an Inside Job’

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Kim Kardashian‘s former bodyguard has said he believes the terrifying armed robbery at the star’s Paris apartment was ‘100 per cent an inside job’.

Steve Stanulis, 42, warned the world-famous celebrity that she should withdraw from social media and stop flaunting her riches to help ensure her safety.

He slammed Kim’s security team for leaving her unguarded after she showed off a 20-carat emerald-cut ring worth $4.5 million on social media.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Mr Stanulis said: ‘As the facts keep coming out and the more stuff unwinds, 100 per cent it’s an inside job.

‘They went to an exclusive place, with exclusive entrances, they knew exactly where to go, where to find the jewelry.

‘Security was out with the sisters and Kim had been showing all the jewelry on Snapchat. It’s a perfect storm to get robbed.’

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Five masked men dressed in clothes with police markings burst into Kim’s luxury apartment in the early hours of Monday morning and held her at gunpoint.

They bound her wrists and ankles with zip ties and left her in a bathtub before stealing more than $11 million worth of jewelry.

The gang of robbers had been able to enter the exclusive l’Hotel de Pourtalès after the concierge mistook them for police and let them in.

Mr Stanulis, a former NYPD officer of Staten Island, said Kim’s head of security, Pascal Duvier, should have made sure the star had armed security.

‘Should there have been an armed security, absolutely,’ he said.

‘If you have a multi-million dollar ring and you’re sporting it on Snapchat, how much does it cost to get an off-duty or retired police officer, who is trained and you could have prevented this from happening.

‘As a former police officer, it would have taken me two minutes to realise those guys were not real police officers.’

Stanulis was fired in May after Kanye reportedly flew into a jealous rage after he ‘chatted up’ his wife while on duty for them in New York.

Stanulis was fired in May after Kanye reportedly flew into a jealous rage after he ‘chatted up’ his wife while on duty for them in New York.

‘The stones on her fingers are worth maybe $10m and they try and save on their security,’ he told

‘For $300 a day they could have a fully trained former police officer with them. That is peanuts to people with their kind of wealth.’

But Mr Stanulis, who has worked for both Kim and her husband Kanye West, said Mr Duvier would have been restricted by his employers.

The head security guard was busy looking after Kim’s sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, when she was robbed.

‘He was probably told that’s what he had to do, I don’t think that was his choice,’ Mr Stanulis said.

‘Knowing them, you don’t tell Kim or Kanye what you think you should do. You’re told what to do and you go from there.

‘He doesn’t have the ability to say: ‘No, I’m not going to go with you, I’m going to stay with Kim’.’

He insisted that Kim, who has 48 million Twitter followers, and Kanye have to ‘totally’ review their security strategy.

‘I saw this happening. It just had to with the way Kim flaunts her riches and her diamonds.

‘She has nearly 50 million people (on Twitter) who at any moment and on any day know where she is.

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‘And then she shows them this mighty great expensive rock on her hand a few hours before and she invites trouble.

‘She could fall prey to stalkers, crazy fans or criminals like this weekend at any time and she and Kanye now have to take this as a warning.

‘There are a lot of crazies in the US and I suppose around the world and they cannot afford to take chances.

‘I would compare Kim’s status as one of the most recognizable women in the world to that of Princess Diana.

‘Where ever she goes she has the paparazzi and the fans outside and following her.

‘Last week she nearly got attacked by somebody who lunged at her. That should have been a huge warning for them.’

Stanulis said he believed police would work on solving the robbery by beginning investigating whether the robbers had some inside help.

‘I have no criticism whatsoever of her bodyguard Pascal Duvier. He is a good guy and an honest guy. But he needs more back up.’

This article originally appeared on Daily Mail.