This Laborer May Be Out of a Job After He Didn’t Realize He Was Being Caught on Film

I think most people are aware that working hard makes the day go faster, it’s not a closely kept secret. Sadly though it seems that one laborer didn’t get the memo, deciding instead to drag his working day out by working as slowly as humanly possible.

The thing that makes this video hilarious is that the guy doesn’t even make any attempt to look busy. Instead he is content to just push his spade around in the dirt placidly – little did he know though that his feeble attempts would go viral.

It’s official people, this is the world’s laziest and most inept laborer.

I’ve been guilty of some pretty lazy stuff in my time, but I think this guy even has me on the ropes. I at least have the good sense to look while busy; this article has taken me three hours to write, I’ve even checked Facebook 12 times, but nobody has noticed.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.