8 Outright Lies You Were Taught in School

lies in school

It’s important not to believe everything you see. Even if you see it in school. Whether you grew up in a public or private school environment, your schooling has undoubtedly planted some very inaccurate ideas into your head. Don’t worry though, you’re not the only one.

Sometimes information is just simplified to make it easier for children to understand. Sometimes it’s outright wrong information. Regardless of why it is so, just know not to trust everything and do your own research. Why? Well, here are 8 examples of that very thing.

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lies in school 01

Hitler was a tactical genius

When people think about Germany during the World War II period, many believe that Hitler was the one who created all tactics and decided every action. But in reality, he was just the primary figure in public and rarely made important decisions in war.

If you didn’t know, Hitler fought in World War I and survived only because he was always hiding, while other German soldiers were risking their lives to save him. As Hitler was bad at tactics, Herman Goering and Erwin Rommel were two primary generals that most often decided what actions Germany should do. When Hitler was giving his ideas, most often he was talked out of them, as most of these ideas were terrible.