Man About to Be Executed by ISIS Manages to Escape and Bring Down His Captors in the Process

As members of the first world, we have become so desensitized by movie violence that something bizarre happens: we either think that events in movies are either completely realistic when they’re not, or think they’re unreal when they are.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let’s talk about those crazy close call situations where the good guy is being held at gun point, then suddenly kicks his captor, grabs the gun, spins around, and shoots down five men. It seems unlikely, but that kind of adrenaline surge can really happen, and it can result in incredible things.

In the video below, two Islamic State fighters are seen escorting three Kurdish prisoners in what appears to be an execution. Suddenly, one of the prisoners headbutts his captor, knocking him to the ground. Then he grabs the gun and shoots the other ISIL fighter.

How’s THAT for your movie? Sometimes, reality is just more intense.