Concealed Carry Man Facing Murder Charges After He Killed a Man Trying to Steal His Car

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A Georgia man is now facing murder charges after police say he fatally shot a suspected carjacker.

Raheem Scott, 25, was inside an Exxon gas station in Atlanta on Saturday buying oil when he looked outside and saw 50-year-old William Blackwell allegedly get into the driver seat. An unidentified woman also got in on the passenger side, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. That’s when Scott ran outside to stop him.

“I heard five shots, and I look back and the girl is screaming, ‘Don’t shoot him no more!’” one witness, who asked to remain anonymous, said. “She just screaming, ‘Don’t shoot him no more. Please don’t shoot him no more.’”

Scott then went back inside and asked the store clerk to call 911, according to WSB-TV. The incident was not captured on surveillance video, but the store owner agreed to turn over all footage to authorities.

Scott was later taken into police custody after turning himself in.

The Atlanta Police Department did not immediately respond when asked for further details.

This article originally appeared on The Blaze.


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