Man Follows Woman Into the Women’s Bathroom, His Reason Why Will Make You Furious

Jessica Rush, who is not transgender, was confronted by a man in the hospital she was at for treatment to her arm. All she wanted to do was go to the bathroom when the man followed her in. He apparently thought Rush was a dude sneaking into the women’s bathroom and thought it was his duty to try and stop her. Of course after it was made clear that he was mistaken it got awkward real quick. Rush was able to capture the incident on her cell phone and posted the video on Facebook.

“My first thought was ‘I’m about to be attacked’ just because I am 5 [foot]3, female,” Rush said. “I understand one thing if you are like a cop of the Dallas Police Department, but just some random guy coming in I think is absolutely absurd and inappropriate.”


“When I saw you enter… I thought you was…” the man said in the video.

“A boy?” Rush replied.

“You know it’s difficult,” the man said with a shrug as he walked away from the bathroom. “You are dressed like a man. Of course, you are dressed like a man, so…”

The man tried defending his action by telling Rush he was “confused” when he saw her go into the bathroom and went into the restroom with his mother “to make sure she was good.” Not too sure that helped his case. I personally just hope this bathroom sensation dies down pretty quickly and we can all keep on pissing in peace without having to show papers of proof of our genders.

Here’s the video Rush uploaded to Facebook of the encounter: