Man Who Held Doors Shut During Orlando Massacre Explains Why He Did It

The entire world was shook by tragedy when a lone gunman murdered 49 people in an Orlando gay club, who then pledged his allegiance to ISIS before being shot by police. In the wake of this devastating attack, witness testimonies are pouring out and the media is looking to peer into every single angle of the story. As the whole truth begins to unfold, many people have seemed to reach a similar conclusion: the Orlando shooter didn’t act alone.

There are several reasons why people seem to think this. One is the fact that he managed to kill and injure so many people all by himself without anyone stopping him. Another is that he had been investigated by the FBI more than once prior to the shooting with no convictions, leading some to believe our own government had a hand in this terrible massacre.

Without a doubt, however, most of those claiming there to be an accomplice believe so because of testimony that someone was holding the doors of the club shut as people pounded on them trying to escape. This has also lead some to believe that the shooting was a false flag operation after a witness began talking about it on a radio show, only to be cut off right after mentioning that the doors had been forced shut from outside.

So what is the truth? While it’s still too soon to know the whole story, we now have eyewitness testimonial from someone who can answer these questions firsthand: the man who held the doors shut.

Luis Burbano, a survivor of the Orlando attack, appeared on The Kelly File to share his own story about the attack. After hearing the gun shots, Burbano fled the club and managed to escape through a small door for staff members that soon became hugely congested as people tried to evacuate. Upon hearing the gun shots getting louder, evidently approaching them, he and another man had the idea to shut the doors in order to keep the killer from getting to the large crowd of people fleeing for their lives, one of those being Burbano’s own best friend.

When Kelly digs in and asks if he had any concern that by holding the door, he might be keeping people from escaping, Burbano pauses for a long moment, clearly trying to fight back his emotions, and somberly admits that it had, and that he prays that his actions did not result in anyone’s death. “I just tried to do what I thought would be best at that moment,” admits the survivor, also adding that he doesn’t believe he is a hero. “I’m far from a hero. Someone had said that, and you had said it earlier with me on the phone, and I… please don’t say that, I’m far from that, I don’t feel like a hero. I don’t feel like even a survivor. I just feel like a person who did what he had to do at that moment in time.”

Watch the footage below and see the account for yourself. Is this civilian a hero? Does this solve the mystery of the doors at Pulse being held shut? Let us know in the comments below.