Man Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease Films What Happens to His Symptoms When He Takes Marijuana

Since the “reefer madness” hysteria of the 30’s, marijuana has been outright demonized by nations around the world. In some countries like Singapore, a beacon of capitalism, getting caught with marijuana can earn you thrown in jail for life. Sadly, that statistic isn’t just true of far away countries – some states in the¬†United States will stick you with the same punishment if they find even as much as an eighth of an ounce.

While the stigma seems to be strong despite waning in the wake of legalization efforts in states like Colorado and Washington, there is almost no reason for it. Those arrested for marijuana charges are typically non-violent offenders (unless you’re counting drug lords, which are in a league of their own), and don’t do much harm to the establishment beyond eating too many of the snacks in your fridge when they come over to visit. However, the demonization continues as the feds and DEA try to claim that marijuana is a dangerous drug with no medicinal value.

Enter Ian Frizell. He, like many people world wide, suffers from Parkinson’s disease, a progressive¬†nervous system condition that causes him to experience¬†uncontrollable tremors. Like many others with incurable and sometimes chronically painful conditions, he is prescribed drugs like OxyCodone that are highly addictive and sometimes make the user feel terrible despite helping the condition itself.

Fortunately, Ian has access to marijuana. In this video, he shows the almost immediate affects of the substance on his body. Ian is from the UK and refrains from showing him from actually using marijuana on camera, as the punishment for ‘abusing’ the drug is just as harsh across the pond. However, it’s clear from the video that it does not take long before the relief sets in. Watch the video below to see the effects for yourself and keep it in mind the next time you start to judge someone for lighting up.