Man Threatens Bus Driver and Disabled Passenger With a Knife, Doesn’t Expect What Happens Next

It’s bad enough to threaten someone, anyone, with a weapon when they haven’t done anything to you. It’s worse when it’s a public servant, and the only passenger aboard is a man with a disability.

Luckily, they weren’t about to take it sitting down. After a man tries to hold up a bus driver at knife point, he immediately begins fighting back. It looks like he could be stabbed at any moment when an unexpected third party steps in – the disabled passenger. Unsure of what to do but clearly wanting to help the bus driver, he runs over to the driver’s seat and pulls the lever for the doors, letting him push the thug out onto the streets. The struggle continues, but eventually the pair overpower the jerk unharmed.

Stay watching ’til the end. If it doesn’t make you smile, nothing will!