Man Wearing Short Shorts Gets The Cops Called On Him


We see it at the beach, we see it at a 5K, but on a regular Wednesday in the business district of Route 35 in Ridgefield? Not so much. Men in short shorts are not a common occurrence there, and apparently some Ridgefield, CT residents have called the cops because they felt a man’s shorts were just a little too short.

The Ridgefield Press tweeted Wednesday that police responded at about 10 a.m. to an “inappropriately dressed person” near Marty Motors on Danbury Road. It was later reported that the man was “not bothering anyone — just in short shorts.” Crisis averted.

Ridgefielders might have to get used to exposed men’s thighs — the trend is coming back in style. Stores like J. Crew and Chubbies, a fashion retailer who is striving to make short-shorts a thing again, are selling the knee-baring threads to show off men’s “thighceps.”

The new trend allows men to choose from various lengths from 5 to 8 inches, showing a lot more leg than Ridgefielders might be used to. Hopefully the Ridgefield Police Department can keep up.

This article originally appeared on Patch


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