Man’s Revenge on His Pompous Coworker Was So Good, It Saved Him From Being Fired

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We’ve all had a coworker we absolutely hated. While we work diligently and just try to get through the day, these are the people who goof off, twiddle their thumbs, and let everyone else do all the tough work. In some cases, these same people even try to claim that our hard work was their doing.

Luckily, there are little things we can do to make our lives a little easier. While the best course of action is always to just focus on yourself and ignore the things people around us do to distract us from our work, it’s nice to have a little victory every now and then. One worker shared his story on Reddit about how he managed to get some excellent comeuppance on his superior with the smallest of actions, and though he nearly faced being fired over it, it actually brought his company more together. Check it out.



Years ago I worked in the engineering department of a tech company. There was one supervisor and engineer there who was a real ass. He was pompous and if he saw you typing something he would walk by and press a bunch of keys to screw you up or if you were scanning something he would lift the scanner top and put his hand or face on it. It annoyed everyone, but he was in a position of power so nobody called him out on it.

One day I had had enough. We used Windows NT workstations and I had found out the password to the computer in his cubicle. I came back early from lunch, logged into his computer, and changed the directional orientation of the mouse. I reversed it so if you pushed the mouse up, the arrow went down, you push left, it goes right.

When he gets back from lunch he logs in and is stumped by this. He reboots, asks a few people around him for help then throws a tantrum like a little kid because he has to call tech support. When they arrive it takes them 2 minutes to fix. He is sure it is a computer issue and they treat him like he is an idiot.

I did this to him once a week for the next month. The amazing part was that he would be so busy throwing a fit he never watched tech support to find out how to fix it. He was 100% sure it was a computer problem and wanted a new computer, but instead they just had him change his password. Since I didn’t know the new password my fun was over.

Once the password was changed he realized it was someone doing it on purpose. At our next staff meeting he told the head of the department that he wanted a full investigation into this and that person to be fired. I was crapping myself until the department head said to him, “Rich, you walk around here proclaiming yourself the NT master and you got owned by a simple mouse trick. I would be so embarrassed that I would just keep quiet and hope people forget about it.”

The entire room laughed at him and I felt a wave of satisfaction wash over me.