Martin Shkreli is Auctioning Off the Opportunity to Punch Him In the Face

slap shkreli

As much as we hate making this guy relevant in the news, this little tidbit was just too good to pass up.

Pharmadouche king Martin Shkreli is making an offer you can’t refuse – he’s auctioning off the opportunity to punch him in the face. The entire ordeal is meant to benefit the young son of his recently deceased friend who passed away due to cancer.

Looks like Shkreli only cares about what happens to the children of the deceased when he knows them personally, since he had no problem raising the price of a life saving AIDS and malaria medication from $13.50 to $750 for a single tablet.

Still, the charity case is garnering up some pretty widespread attention. Take a look at his tweets below.

Sadly, I don’t have an extra $78,001 lying around to knock this guy’s lights out, but if you do I highly suggest you take up the opportunity now before the bidding gets too high. This may be the only chance you have to punch this guy square in the face. Or better yet, higher someone to do it instead – I’m sure a professional MMA fighter would be more than happy to deliver the punch in your name.