‘Moron’ Tries to Get Out of his Midterm By Sending These Pics To His Professor


A creative student’s hilariously bad attempt at getting out of his midterm exams has made him internet famous.

Joker Terrell Finner, a premed student at Columbia University in New York, posted a photo on Valentine’s Day of himself with a pair of headphones shoved in his nose and a Macbook charger across his arm to make it look as if he was hooked up to tubes in the hospital.

‘I’m emailing these pics to my chem prof bc I had a nosebleed & had to be hospitalized & can’t take this midterm Wed, [sic]’ he wrote on Twitter.

Shortly before that, he had written:  ‘I JUST SNEEZED AND MY NOSE STARTED BLEEDING OMFG I’M ABOUT TO DIE [sic]’ – as if to create a reason for his fake hospital visit.

hospital iphone 01

The photos also have the young man wearing a makeshift hospital bracelet with his own scrawl over it and wrapped in white linen sheets.

In his Snapchats of the images, he wrote ‘God got me’ and ‘Current situation’ to add to the joke. In the latter image the plug for the computer charger is obviously visible.

hospital iphone 03

The images quickly began be retweeted by Terrell’s followers, eventually reaching thousands and spilling over to Facebook.

Since being posted on February 14, the photos have been shared 20,000 times and garnered just as many likes on Twitter.

‘When you wake up out a dead sleep to 75000 notifications that’s your viral tweet is going viral on Facebook,’ Terrell later wrote.

hospital iphone 04

Six days after his original post, Terrell returned with a new photo wearing his makeshift oxygen tubes, poking fun at those who had taken his original post seriously.

‘Today has been a great day….’ he wrote on the post.

On Snapchat, he shared extra captions on the photo including: ‘Got discharged from the hospital. Gotta have oxygen though,’ with another adding: ‘Thanks for your prayers!’

hospital iphone 02

Thanks to his new online fame, Terrell has been subsequently bombarded with comments, with some insulting him over the prank, calling him a ‘fool’ and telling him to ‘log off’.

Others were a bit quicker on the uptake and understood Terrell’s humor, with one even calling the story ‘one of the funniest things to ever hit the internet’.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.