Moron Tries to Shoot a Shotgun After Getting Extremely Drunk, Doesn’t Go As Planned

Would you consider yourself a responsible fire arm owner? If so, we can only assume that you’ve NEVER done what this jerk tries to do in this video.

A video is going viral after it shows a man firing off a gun after getting completely wasted on cheap beer. Considering what happens in the midst of all this, it’s a miracle he didn’t take off someone’s arm or leg. Hell, it’s a miracle he didn’t injure himself!

Fortunately for him, he didn’t die. Fortunately for the internet, the incident didn’t go off so seamlessly. It looks like drunkie forgot about recoil, and the blast from the gun sends him flying comically backwards, speedo and all.

Let this be proof to all of you of the dangers of shotgunning a beer and then shotgunning a gun. Please, people, do NOT try this at home.