Muslim Student ‘Hurt and Embarrassed’ After This HORRIFYING ‘Typo’ of Her Name in the Yearbook


A Muslim high school student in Rancho Cucamonga, California, said she is “extremely saddened, disgusted, hurt and embarrassed” after her name was printed as “Isis” in the yearbook.

The caption “Isis Phillips” appeared under a photo of the student, who was wearing a hijab. Her actual name is Bayan Zehlif. ISIS is a commonly associated with the Islamic State terrorist group

Los Osos High School principal Susan Petrocelli characterized the mistake as a “regrettable misprint” and publicly apologized. Zehlif said the school told her it was a “typo” — but she isn’t buying it.

“Apparently, I am ‘Isis’ in the yearbook. The school reached out to me and had the audacity to say that this was a typo. I beg to differ, let’s be real,” she wrote on Facebook.

It wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible for the yearbook blunder.

The Los Osos High School yearbook group also issued a statement on Twitter apologizing for the mishap.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is reportedly already demanding a thorough investigation into the incident.

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This article originally appeared on The Blaze.


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