New Footage of Sun Has Researchers Making REALLY Weird Claim About What Is Actually Inside It


Most, if not all, scientists say the sun is made of hydrogen, magnesium and other elements, but a Martian researcher has made a discovery that some claim proves otherwise.

An image snapped by Nasa’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite are believed to show an enormous door opening up on the sun allowing ‘motherships to exit and enter’.

This picture suggests that the theory our sun is hollow and houses ‘a massive world 1,000 times our own inside’ has been true for millions of years

YouTuber and alien hunter, TheWatcher252, spotted ‘a massive oddly shaped anomaly passing through the sun’ in pictures taken on March 14, 2016.

Soon after Scott C. Waring, creator of UFO Sightings Daily, picked up the discovery and shared it with his readers.

‘A giant door opened up on the sun this week, just a little bit, but enough to make a crack across the sun and through the crack shined pure white light of the world inside,’ Warning writes in his blog.

‘It opened up just enough to allow motherships to exit or enter’.

This event may give an answer for the ongoing Hollow Sun Theory that many conspiracy theorists have been proclaiming for years.

It suggests the sun will shrink, cool and collapse because it is empty on the inside.

Jeffrey Wolynski, the brains behind this concept, claims the sun is much younger than the Earth and all young stars do not have cores.

They are completely hollowed structures ‘that will gravitationally collapse until the coulomb barrier is reached and the star stabilizes into a solid ball’.

‘For many UFO researchers it is believed that the sun itself is an artificial structure, with a flaming camouflage on the outside and a massive world 1000X our own on the inside,’ Waring writes.

‘This photo as rare as it is, confirms that theory’.

We’re not sure who told Waring what it means to ‘confirm a theory,’ but it would appear they gave him the completely wrong definition.

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.