New Survey Reveals Which Illnesses Are Most Likely to Get You Time Off of Work

sick call 01

We’ve all been there, either hungover, tired, or in some cases actually sick. So we decide we’re going to make the dreaded phone call to the boss to tell him just how “sick” we are.

Even if you’re not planning on wasting your day watching Netflix, there’s a chance that your sick plea will fall on deaf ears and you’ll be forced to come in anyway, even with your sore throat and overly-runny nose. That’s when it’s important to realize that not all illnesses are created equal.

Thanks to a survey by AXA PPP Healthcare of 1,000 business leaders, as in bosses, managers, and CEOs, we now have a better idea of which fake illness your boss is most likely to believe when you call in sick. We’ve taken the top 9 and shown them by their rank, with 1 being the most likely to get you out of work that day.

Here they are in descending order of success rate…

9. Migraine

8. Common cold

7. Anxiety

6. Depression

5. Elective surgery

4. Stress

3. Injury by accident

2. Back pain

1. Flu

According to their survey 1 in 4 will believe you if you say have the flu. Not bad. However, somewhere around numbers 7, 8 and 9 it drops to 1 in 5. It makes sense – as crippling as an illness as they can be, depression and anxiety don’t have many physical signs, nor do migraines. Even the common cold is easy to fake.