NYC Bombing Suspect Being Held at $5.2 MILLION After Being Caught on Surveillance Tape

Surveillance footage shows New York bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami with a suitcase in hand walking down a street in Manhattan. The suitcase contains an explosive inside.

Now charged with five counts of murder, as well as two gun charges and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, the 28-year old New Jersey resident is being held in hospital while he recovers from his shot wounds and has had his bail set to a whopping $5.2 million.

Right before the blast, Rahami was caught on surveillance tape walking down 23rd street in Chelsea near where the explosion took place. He was pulling a wheeled bag behind him, which held a pressure-cooker bomb inside.

While the pressure-cooker bomb was found at 27th street after a failed attempt to detonate, the 23rd street IED managed to injure 30 people and causing unprecedented damage to the surrounding area.


Perhaps most startling, though, was a note found next to the unexploded 27th street device. Written in Arabic, the note made reference to the Boston Marathon bombings. This further cements the idea that Rahami may have been trying to mimic the Tsarnaev brothers, who also made their bombs from pressure cookers and returned to their home country of Kyrgyzstan before carrying out the atrocity. In parallel to this, Rahami had also visited his birth country of Afghanistan prior to the attacks.

Authorities are now investigating, Rahami’s brother in Afghanistan in case he may be linked to the crime, but there is currently little evidence to suggest that that is in fact the case.