People Reveal The Most Embarrassing Thing They’ve Ever Been Caught Doing, And Boy Are They Bad


We’ve all been there, doing something we don’t want anyone to see only, whoops, we just got spotted by someone and the horrifying cringe of embarrassment starts to overtake us.

Usually we just slink away and pray that the person who saw us doesn’t say a word to anyone. Which is why these stories over on “Ask Reddit” are so perfect.

These folks, thanks to the anonymity afforded them on Reddit, were able to share their answers to the question, “Other than masturbating, what are some of the most embarrassing things to be caught doing?”

They get to finally come clean and we get to benefit by cringing at the mere thought of them being caught. Fun for everyone!

Here are some of the best responses…

1. Watching porn while eating hot wings alone. ~ CreepyPhotographer


2. In college, I used to do something called my “chocolate milk dance”. Think Krusty Krab Pizza, but with chocolate milk. I fucking love chocolate milk, and I would make a big deal out of having some after a long day of labs and classes. But I would only do it if I was alone, which I usually was since my roommates took afternoon classes and I took morning classes.

Well, one day I came home, did my thing, really getting into it, and I hear “Are you fucking retarded or something?” and my roommate emerged from his room. I froze. I had been caught. Also I was naked. ~ dookieshoes123


3. In my late teens, I felt something on my taint. Couldn’t get a look at it by looking down between my legs (am a girl by the way). So what I did was, I got down on my knees with my back to the floor-length mirror that was on the back of my bedroom door. Put my head to the ground, so I could look between my legs and see all of my bits in the mirror. Proceed to spread my cheeks with one hand and start poking around my taint to find the source of the discomfort. Cue. My mother. Opening the door. To which the mirror was attached. To find me. Head down, ass up. Basically goaste-ing her. I did a forward roll and promptly screamed at her for not knocking. She was in stitches. ~ Brintyboo

4. Sending job applications while at work. ~ Stockholm-Syndrom

5. Applying your hemorrhoid cream. Trust me. When your swollen brown eye is winking at your roommate while you liberally apply paste to it. You WILL feel just a bit of shame. ~The_Better_brother

6. My cousin got caught sniffing his next door neighbor’s panties that were hanging up to dry. I can only imagine the look of embarrassment on his face and the disgust the girls parents had when he was caught. ~ fishcado

7. Playing Neopets as an adult… at work. ~ aflowerinherhair

8. Playing porn games on newgrounds. My flatmate and bf totally snapped me doing that a while ago but in the end the game was too much fun to stop. ~ MelMelMax

9. LARPing. These are usually on campsites where there are houses nearby so people will be walking through sometimes. The comments are always hilarious when you encounter them in your full garb with nerf weapons and foam swords.

“So, is this one of those renaissance fair things?”

“Uh…well…kinda, yeah, sure, pretty much, please don’t tell anyone I’m here.” ~MoreSteakLessFanta

10. Photoshopping pictures of your crush on to pictures of naked girls. ~ naemtaken


11. Looking at your ex’s social media, then accidentally liking something. ~ You_Sir_Are_A_Rascal

12. “Enjoy your meal”

“You too”

Every. Damn. Time. ~ NotCarlos