Photographer Captures Disturbing Images of Disney Theme Park Abandoned After an Unthinkable Tragedy Shut It Down

Just around the river bend is an abandoned Disney water park left by the multibillion dollar company to decay for 15 years.

Photographer Seph Lawless informed that he’s officially banned from Disney World because he dared take a slew of frighteningly beautiful images of water slides consumed by flowers and vines along with attractions that no longer exist.

Disney’s River Country water park opened as Walt Disney World’s first water park in 1976 and after closing in 2001, it was left to crumble, according to Seph Lawless.¬†

The only other Disney park to close, Discovery Island, is also in decay, according to Lawless who only managed to get close enough to take a few shots of the exterior. The parks both sit on Bay Lake and are just 300 feet away from each other.

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Both were popular destination spots for families and photos of the parks in their heyday show children laughing and smiling as they splash around the various wade pools and rides.

River Country, which now looks like something out of a horror film, was also home to tragedy in 1980 when a little boy visiting the park died after a rare amoeba went up his nose and seized his brain and nervous system.

Lawless hopes his photos bring awareness to the fact that Disney failed to clean up what they left behind.

‘So Disney is upset at me, but why do they get so upset anytime someone gets too close to the abandoned Discovery Island. What are you hiding Disney? Stay tuned for the strange and bizarre oddities of the Disney Conspiracy,’ Lawless wrote on his Facebook over the weekend.

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In an email to, Lawless says he interviewed workers who operate Bay Lake where the park is located and he says they told him that the lake is much too dangerous to swim in.

The workers reportedly told Lawless that the Disney boats and the nightly fireworks polluted the lake so badly that people who fish in the lake mustn’t eat what they catch because the sea creatures are toxic to eat.

Lawless says he’s been told to stay away from Disney World properties despite legally renting a Disney boat and also¬†capturing images by using a new robotic drone by Autel Robotics.

Next month is the 40 year anniversary of the open of River Country. Those who wish to see the rest of Lawless’ work may visit his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.