The AMAZING Thing Pizza Hut Just Tweeted At Kanye Completely Put Him In His Place

kanye pizza

There’s a reason why most of America knows Kanye West solely for reasons that don’t involve his music.

The outspoken rapper’s Twitter rants and award show shenanigans have created more unintentional music industry craziness than the days when Michael Jackson was palling around with Bubbles or Keith Richards was receiving heroin through a 24/7 IV drip.

Kanye, as you’ve probably heard, tweeted out a series of missives in which he announced he was $53 million (!?!) in debt and encouraged Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion (!?!?!?!) “into Kanye West ideas.”

You know, ideas like his new song “Famous,” where he raps about Taylor Swift, “For all my Southside n****s that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b***** famous.” Sounds like a pretty solid investment, Mr. Zuckerberg. I don’t think it’s FDIC insured, though. But never mind that. Pizza Hut has an even better idea for him to work off all that debt.

Dang. That pizza burned a bit more than the roof of your mouth. The Twitter-ati agreed.

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This article originally appeared on Conservative Tribune.