Police Officer Fired After Just Two Weeks for Posting This Picture of Herself Online

i am the law

There are far too many instances of people being fired for posting stupid things online. It doesn’t matter what occupation you have – someone will find your dumb pictures or comments and they will get back to our boss somehow. You don’t have to take our word for it though. There’s a certain (former) police officer who would be happy to give you a warning.

Melissa Adamson was fired from her post as a police officer of McKeesport, PA after posting a Snapchat with a racial slur. Why she felt the need to include the slur in her post is beyond us, and pretty much the rest of the world. If she had been watching the news at all, she would have realized that racial slurs are the last thing police should be using if they want to keep their jobs.

After being posted onto the infamous picture sharing site, her image somehow found its way onto the rest of the web, where it was seen by her boss. She was instantly taken off the squad.

Adamson, who also worked as an officer part-time for the Versailles, PA department, resigned from that position after the fiasco. Here’s the offending Snap below:

i am the law 02

If you need help figuring out which slur she used, let’s just say it starts with an N and is something a police officer does NOT want to be seen calling a black person right now.

In response to the racially insensitive Snapchat, McKeesport Mayor Michael Cherepko posted the following statement on Facebook:

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“As mayor of the city of McKeesport, I feel compelled to publicly address an issue that has come to my attention via social media. A past social media post surfaced just a few hours ago involving a recently hired part-time police officer, who has been in training as a probationary employee for just a few weeks. This post displays a degree of conduct and character that is far different from what I would expect from an officer in this city. It is absolutely unacceptable. Without hesitation, my office and the police chief’s office immediately concluded that this officer’s actions will not be tolerated in the city of McKeesport. She has been relieved of her duties, and her employment has been terminated.”

Adamson took to social media for another post, but this one had a little more thought put into it.

“Everyone that knows me knows I don’t have a racist bone in my body. And people who don’t know me, I can understand why it was misconstrued to where it looks racist. But like I said, everyone who knows me knows I’m not racist.”

“I don’t want this to affect how I do my job. I don’t want people to look at me differently, thinking that I can’t build myself up to the standard of a police officer. Again, it was a stupid mistake. It shouldn’t have been posted in general, regardless of how my intentions were. I’m sorry for who I did offend. It was not my intention. I can’t express how sorry I am for how I made you feel — emotionally, physically. Again, it wasn’t my intention.”