Police Officer ‘Never Been So Glad to Have a Body Cam’ After Pulling Over This Woman

Being pulled over by the police is a pretty fear-inducing experience and people may act out of character when faced with police authority. This footage captured on a policeman’s body camera, however, shows that some people will do anything to make sure they’re not arrested.

This particular incident took place on 19th June, in Florida. Police pulled over a woman named Margaret Garcia after finding her speeding on a highway. But they didn’t expect for her to react in the way she did when she was asked for her licence and ID.

Margaret Garcia, a Florida resident, was pulled over by police after they found her to be speeding on a highway back last month. What they didn’t expect was for Garcia to put up a fight when they tried to arrest her. During the altercation, Garcia tries to show the policeman her breasts, hand the officer $2,000 and verbally abuse the officer before being arrested for driving under the influence.

She really goes for it! This girl has one mission – and that’s to not get arrested. Sadly, the marijuana spilled all over the passenger seat doesn’t help her case, nor does the fact that she reeks of alcohol. Nice try, though. Check out the full footage below.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.