This is How Poor People Solve Their Problems

Here’s a disclaimer in case you saw the title of this video and decided to get upset about it: we know that economic status doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence. There are many people out there who have fallen down on their luck that are actually pretty damn smart, and often times those are the same people who give what little extra money they have to others or charity, keeping them in their economic bracket.

There are also plenty of very wealthy people who are complete morons and either stumbled onto their fortune due to inheritance or dumb luck (lotto winners, anyone?). However, dumb rich people don’t usually stay rich for long, and smart poor people don’t usually stay poor all their lives either. That’s the great thing about America – you have the opportunity to move anywhere on the economic ladder you desire as long as you take the necessary steps.

For this family, however, we don’t think they’ll be leaving poverty anytime soon. Though it’s not quite clear what they are all fighting about, it’s apparently pretty bad if the mother would immediately threaten one of them with jail time. This kind of trashy behavior is exactly the type of thing to that keeps you from going anywhere in life. It gets so bad that even their pets decide to join in. “Damn” is an understatement.

How they manage to keep those dogs fed is beyond me.