The Power of the People: Crowd Stops Maniac From Running People Over

We live in a world where most people actually want to follow the rules. Sure, if something doesn’t make sense people are less inclined to follow it, but for the most part when a law states something logical like “Don’t murder people” or “Don’t get into the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle while you’re ODing on an illicit substance”, people follow it.

Unless you’re this guy – it’s not clear what country this video was shot in, but it’s pretty disturbing. The video, being recorded from an apartment above where the scene takes place, starts rolling as a man lays down a small barrier to keep the crazed driver from getting away. This clearly does not stop him as he not only plows through the junk, but also into several cars. Upon reversing, he clearly doesn’t care about the people in his way as he continues to smash into videos.

We have no idea why people are parked so terribly in the first place, but that’s not really the point.

Instead of running away, the people decide to put a stop to this mad man. They rush the vehicle from the sides, opening the doors and throwing the driver out into the streets. Eventually, two people come storming out of the now useless vehicle, one wielding what appears to be a pipe or other blunt object. The two take off, and what becomes of them is anyone’s guess. And that, my friends, is the power we the people have: remember it.

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