After Her Purse Went Missing, Couple Checks Security Camera to Find Something Disturbing

A couple were sleeping on their couch this week when a man who had snuck into their home stood over them in a scary encounter.

The early Monday morning incident was documented by a security camera inside the residence.

Jordan Buranskas and Jack Mackercher looked at security footage taken inside their home in Chicago’s Bucktown area after Burankas’ purse disappeared, WLS reported.

Mackercher recalled to the TV station: ‘I’m like, “Why are you at the top of the stairs wearing a white hoodie before we went to bed?” She’s like, “I wasn’t at the top of the stairs.” So that’s when you go flush and start to freak out a little bit.’

Buranskas also spoke to WLS, saying: ‘He stood there for about 5 minutes the first time then walked away, then came back and hovered over us again for another 5 minutes.’

The man appeared to watch an episode of Mr Robot that was playing on the TV screen inside the home. He may have carried out ‘other neighborhood burglaries’, WLS reported.

Mackercher told DNAinfo that he and his girlfriend dozed off while watching Netflix.

He told the website: ‘Every other night we would have been in bed, and kept [the balcony door] locked. You leave the door unlocked one time, and this is what happens.’

home invader 01

Speaking to WGN, Buranskas said: ‘I like to think that he was watching the TV and not us’, calling the idea ‘slightly more comforting’.

She said: ‘We saw someone just lurking over us for over ten minutes while we slept.’

Mackercher told the TV station: ‘If you look at the video, he’s actually watching like part of the show. He leaves when the credits start rolling.’

This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.