Don’t Wait for Laundry Day: If You Have One of the Quarters On This List, You Might Be Richer Than You Think

quarters 01

Quarters are probably everyone’s favorite coin. They’re big, silver, and worth at least 15 cents more than any of the other coins. Turns out, however, that some quarters are worth a LOT more than just 25 cents. Whether because of their age, the material they were made with, or even errors on the coin, you do NOT want to use one of these coins on a pay phone.

Apparently, these valuable coins are still in circulation, so there’s actually a reasonable chance that you could come across one. You just need to know what to look out for. Check these ones out below, and look through your quarters before you accidentally spend these on something well under their value.

quarters 02

Here’s the first coin to look out for. Years ago, a faulty Kansas pressing machine pressed a load of quarters with a grease smudge. The coins therefore read “in God we rust” rather than “in God we trust”. These are now worth $100 each.

quarters 03

Half dollars with Benjamin Franklin’s face printed on them are now worth $125 each now, so long as they were pressed between 1948 to 1963.

quarters 04

This one is the rarest of all, but also the most valuable. If you find a 2004 Wisconsin quarter, look at the front left leaf. If there is an extra line, that coin is worth a cool $300.

quarter 05

This last one is far less exciting (and not a quarter at all), but still, it’s a lot better than having just one cent. Two years before WWII ended, steel pennies were printed in 1943 to preserve valuable copper for the war effort. They’re now worth $10 each.

This article originally appeared on Viral Thread.