Restaurant Has Completely Banned Children From Dining With Them

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Who hasn’t fantasized about an age limit at a restaurant or in a movie when a baby starts wailing for 10 minutes straight? Most people stop short at just dreaming.

Not so for an Italian restaurant owner.

He banned children under 5 years old because they are “little uncontrollable terrors,” according to the Telegraph.

Marco Magliozzi, owner of La Fraschetta del Pesce, a popular restaurant near Rome’s historic district that specializes in fish caught fresh by Magliozzi’s son, posted signs on the door of the restaurant that explains that children are barred until they grow old enough to have better manners.

As you might guess, this has drawn the ire of customers in Rome and travelers. Italian police also are investigating whether the policy violates the law that requires restaurants to serve everyone unless there’s “good reason” not to.

This article originally appeared on Oregon Live.


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