The 9 Richest Actors in the Adult Film Industry

The adult industry has long been one of the most profitable and booming enterprises in entertainment. It’s generally believed that the adult entertainment industry will always manage to be lucrative, because – as the saying goes – sex sells. Before social media took the crown, adult content sites were the ones most frequented by internet users. These days – although the ‘golden age’ of the industry passed when adult content became more accessible for free online – the adult entertainment industry is still making over $50 billion a year, and about $3000 average per second. From and, here are the richest actors in the industry.



9. Bree Olson

Net Worth: $5,000,000

No. of Adult Films: 240

This 25-year-old is from Houston, Texas. And she looks like a Texas girl, doesn’t she? Olson has always been a hard worker, having gotten her first job at age 12 (detailing corn). She quickly became an established name, managing to make the cover of Hustler Magazine her second year in the biz. Not all of her life choices have been so great, as Olson is also a former live-in girlfriend of Charlie Sheen.