Thief Gets Caught Stealing From a Girl, Taught a Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget

Considering that thieves typically make their living by screwing over other people, you think they’d be smarter than this.

A train in a major Chinese city turned violent when a man was caught trying to steal from a woman’s purse. He thought he had the upper hand when trying to pickpocket her while the train was more crowded, but as it emptied he had to find a smarter way to steal from her. So, he reached through one of the dividers and into her purse, slowly trying to ease his hand down to steal whatever cash she may be hiding in there.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t smart enough to actually think about what could happen if he got caught, such as having his hand stuck between a divider and not being able to pull away while on a moving train.

After a verbal argument breaks out, the woman kicks him in the shin, sending him down to the ground. She follows it up with a throw to the door, and finally with a kick that sends him back over the railing and into the empty seats behind him. What a girl!

Many have begun speculating that the video is staged, mostly due to the fact that someone would record this encounter rather than confronting the man themselves. That and that the fighting that takes place is pretty extraordinary and could rival any Power Rangers scene. We’ll leave it up to you to decide, but one thing is clear – if you’re going to try to take something that isn’t yours, you better be prepared for the consequences.