After a Robber Points an AK-47 at Store Owner, She Does Something Awesome to Put Him in his Place

Man, working alone in a storefront sure does suck. You have to deal with rowdy customers, long hours, and occasionally people will try to point their AK-47 at you in an attempt to rob you over a pint of beer.

Seriously though, this is exactly what one man tried to do to a woman at a shop in a town located in central Russia. It turned out to be just a replica gun, but the woman had no way of knowing that. Not initially, anyway.

The man walked in and asked for a beer (which apparently you can get to go in Russia – who knew?) before pulling out the ‘gun’ and pointing it square at the woman. He seems completely calm as he points it at her head, but he’s not the only one. The woman running the store must have found it suspicious that someone would try to rob her little store with such heavy artillery, and goes about her business. Perhaps its the way that the crook swings the gun around carelessly that tips her off to the fact that it’s not real.

He tries to get money out of her cash register, but she’s not giving it out. He moves around behind the counter, where an eventual struggle ensues, ending with her getting hit on the head with the replica weapon. She tells him he can take the beer as long as he gets out of the store, which he obliges to.

Despite being shown the camera, he has no idea that the store owner has already called the police the minute he leaves the store. They are able to track him down quickly and thanks to the footage having been captured on film, he’s been charged for his assault on the shop owner and is facing up to 10 years in prison for his idiotic act. Oh, and no, he didn’t have a chance to enjoy the beer before getting arrested.