BMW Tries to Overtake School Bus, Doesn’t Work Out So Well

When driving, the general rule of thumb is don’t mess with any car that’s bigger than you. It’s one thing to be a jerk, but pick on someone your own size. If you start messing with trucks or U-Hauls when you yourself are in a two-seater, you should be expecting your punishment.

Apparently, this guy had never heard that before. A man nearly flipped his car after trying to beat a school bus on the on ramp to a highway. He also manages to hit the bus too, slamming the corner of it as he sends his car into a 90 degree rotation.

Sadly for him, the car he honked at, screamed at, then angrily overtook had front and rear dash cams rolling. No-one gets hurt, but he’s likely to lose his license for hitting the school bus. Moron.