Seconds After Kids Started Playing in this Pool, Science Caused Something INCREDIBLE To Happen to It

I love me a good science experiment, and this one is so cool! Want to impress your friends? Dazzle your kids? You have to see this, and try it on your own this summer. Watch as Dad and his two sons have a little fun with “constructive wave interference” in the backyard pool. His kids’ laughs and screams are simply infectious!

This unique poolside phenomenon can be easily reproduced in any pool. How does constructive wave interference work?

According to Physics Classroom,

“Constructive interference is a type of interference that occurs at any location along the medium where the two interfering waves have a displacement in the same direction. It is observed at any location where the two interfering waves are displaced upward. But it is also observed when both interfering waves are displaced downward. This is shown in the diagram below for two downward displaced pulses.”

Here it is in action below. Check it out, and be sure to give it a try when your pool opens up for the season. Just don’t get too carried away, otherwise you might get carried away literally.

This article originally appeared on Little Things.