Security Guard Pulls Gun on Man For Running Over a Traffic Cone

We’re not sure what kind of life threatening incidents go on at malls, but apparently they are so frequent that mall security has taken to arming their staff with guns. The more important issue here is why a certain member of the Valley Fair mall security team thought it was a good idea to pull his gun on the guy who ran over a traffic cone while merging into another lane.

When his supervisor showed up to the scene, he repeatedly asked Nicholas Buchanan to leave his vehicle after staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. Then, when he says he’d like to stay in his car, the supervisor threatens to knock out his window.

Ok, I can bet that it was a slow day for mall security, but did this really call for a gun to be drawn on the guy? He must have seen the way Buchanan tore through the orange cone and decided to subdue him before he did it to a person. So wreckless!

As it turns out, the guard did not have a permit to be a gun holder or a license to be a security guard in the first place. I’m not sure why you need a piece of paper to do either in the first place, but it certainly would make sense for this guy’s case as to what a horrible security guard he’d make.