Someone Actually Built a Functioning Transformer Out of Their BMW

If you’ve had to sit through a certain series of Michael Bay films about robots who can turn into vehicles to blend in with everyday humanity, you may not be as impressed by this video as I was. No, there aren’t any explosions, gun firings, or even leg movement, but when you have something as awesome as thisĀ andĀ still operational as a vehicle, who cares?

A Turkish company named Letvision has created a replica of the Transformer Optimus Prime out of a fully operational red BMW. In the video, the car rolls up and begins the transformation process. It has even been equipped with speakers and robot voice so that it can deliver messages to the masses.

The car bares the name “Letrons” in homage to the company who created the robot and the Transformer series itself. Unfortunately, behind transforming, the creation cannot operate on its own as a robot, but the fact that it can drive makes us disregard that completely. This is an amazing first step in the direction of robotics, at least ones that can transform from cars.

Only one question remains: how the HELL do you get in and out of the car?