This Sexy Millionaire Entrepreneur is Living in Terror Because Her Jealous Ex Husband is Trying to Kill her

By Annette Witheridge 

2 April 2014

A former top model turned skin care guru is living in terror after her estranged husband was arrested for allegedly trying to hire a hit man to murder her, MailOnline can reveal today.

And Monica Olsen fears millionaire vitamin tycoon Dino Guglielmelli is still trying to sabotage her life from behind bars.

Guglielmelli has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and solicitation to murder and is due in a San Fernando, California, court on Thursday.



Ex catwalk model Monica believes he has deliberately destroyed their joint health and beauty business, which earned $50 million a year and employed 300 people, by filing for bankruptcy.

Monica, who appeared in the 2002 movie The Hot Chick with Rachel McAdams, says he is trying to force her out of their spectacular Canyon Country ranch as a way of ‘controlling’ her from his jail cell.

The 32-year-old brunette, whose picture has appeared on fashion billboards in Times Square, was horrified when detectives told her Guglielmelli had allegedly offered a pal $80,000 to murder her.

According to secret recordings made by would-be assassin Richard Fuhrmann, Guglielmelli asked about ways to ‘get rid’ of her.

As the two men ate mint chicken and noodles in a Los Angeles restaurant, Guglielmelli said: ‘I’ll be happy when it is all over.’

Army veteran Fuhrmann initially thought the 52-year-old founder of Creation’s Garden health supplements company was ‘nothing more than an angry husband’, bitter that his wife appeared to be winning their increasingly nasty custody battle over their two young daughters.

But after Guglielmelli allegedly discussed ‘specifics’ about having Monica killed, Furhmann alerted detectives. He then secretly taped their lunch conversation.

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Prosecutors played 14 minutes of the covert hour-and-a-half recording when Guglielmelli appeared in court shortly after his arrest last year.

After discussing the alleged hit, he asked Furhmann: ‘There’s no way for them to track it back to me?’

And he is also heard on tape reassuring Furhmann: ‘You’re going to get paid. Don’t worry about that – I’ve got you covered’.

Furhmann told the hearing that he had initially approached Guglielmelli about a business idea but the two quickly became friends.

He said Guglielmelli, an aspiring singer in a rock band called COR, became increasingly angry as his decade-long marriage unraveled.

Montreal-born Monica, who is descended from Eastern European aristocracy and speaks seven languages, was devastated when detectives from the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department major crimes bureau told her what had happened.

Sources close to the investigation said: ‘Monica is distraught. She can’t believe the man she loved so much, and gave up everything for, would do this.

‘She is terrified. She fears he will find another way of killing or hurting her. She is living in fear and very jumpy.

‘If someone even looks at her for more than a minute, she gets nervous. He has always been controlling and she thinks that even behind bars he can find ways of getting at her.

‘He has left her deeply in debt and frightened for her life. What man would do that to the mother of his children?’

The couple married 11 years ago – just after she was voted the Fresh Face of 2003. 

She was just 21 when she quit her Manhattan model life to move to California, where Guglielmelli was based, and planned to carve out a second career as an actress.

But sources close to the investigation claimed Guglielmelli caused trouble with Hollywood producers and sabotaged plans to turn a comic book character she had created into a movie franchise.

She started her Skin by Monica Olsen beauty line when pregnant with their first daughter eight years ago after she discovered there were few organic baby creams on the market.

Guglielmelli grew up on a farm in Washington State and ran a trash disposal business before moving into health supplies.


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Businesswoman: Sources claimed that when her skin care products business scored success and went national through Duane Reade and Walgreens, he was upset because he wanted her ‘pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen’ rather than having a career.

He already owned his own factory churning out diet supplements and energy drinks when he married Monica.

But the business took off when Monica’s skin care line went national through supermarket chains like Duane Reade and Walgreens in 2011.

Around the same time, sources say, Guglielmelli started acting erratically and appeared to be jealous of his 20 years younger wife.

‘She discovered that her products weren’t reaching the stores and staff were being randomly fired’, the source said. ‘It was weird but he seemed hell bent on destroying the business, rather than promoting it.

‘It was like he wanted Monica pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen, rather than being a successful businesswoman’.

Then as their marriage crumbled Guglielmelli demanded custody of their daughters and accused her of domestic violence.

Monica spent a terrifying night in a jail holding cell with hardened criminals after he called police to complain she had attacked him.

‘That was her wake-up call – she finally plucked up the courage to demand a divorce,’ said the source. But he refused to accept it and started acting even more strangely.’

Monica, who worked in New York and Milan for top designers including Helmut Lang, Thiery Mugler, Michael Kors and BCBG Max Azaria, had no idea he was allegedly trying to kill her until his arrest.

She has now filed for divorce but he is contesting the action from Pitchess Detention Center, where he is being held in lieu of $10 million bail.

He also handed over power of attorney to his older brother Gino, who filed bankruptcy papers on behalf of Creation’s Garden.

Aside from a $995,922 Bank of America debt, he listed just a handful of small creditors, including $940 owed to a phone company, $2,491 due to an insurance firm and $16,659 owed to Fed Ex.

The company’s assets, including $8 million in stock, a warehouse, vehicles, factory equipment and executive office furniture, were put up for auction last month.


Sources say Monica was horrified when she discovered the business had been bought by a California pharmaceutical firm.

She is now fighting to reclaim her share and attempting to re-launch her organic beauty business, as well as pushing ahead with the divorce.

Deputy District Attorney Emily Cole told MailOnline: ‘Monica has problems with her divorce and other things that I try to stay out of.  I am prosecuting Mr Guglielmelli for attempted murder and solicitation to murder. We are hoping to go to trial at the beginning of May.’

When approached by MailOnline Monica refused to comment.

Guglielmelli has employed leading Mafia lawyer Tony Brooklier, whose father Dominic was the boss of the LA’s La Cosa Nostra and has won acquitals for several of his mob-connected clients. He did not return calls for comment.

If convicted, Guglielmelli faces life in prison.
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