The Realistic Human-Like Robot Programmed to Remember You Just Admitted She Wants To Destroy Humans


Her name is “Sophia.” She has cameras for eyes, a computer for a brain and is capable of hearing and answering your questions. The life-like robot from Hanson Robotics has also admitted to wanting to destroy humans.

According Dr. David Hanson, the machines are being developed for “human-robot” interactions like assisting in health care, therapy and customer service.


Hanson also claims “Sophia’s” brain is programmed to recognize faces and interactions with humans, giving the robot the ability to “get smarter over time.”

“Our goal is, she will be as conscious, creative and capable as any human,” Hanson told reporters.

During a demonstration “interview” Hanson peppered “Sophia” with a series of questions, including one near the end where he asked her, “Do you want to destroy humans? Please say ‘no.’”

“Sophia” responded, “OK, I will destroy humans.”

Watch the video here.

This article originally appeared on The Blaze.


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