These Strange but HILARIOUS Signs Have Been Appearing All Around a Local Zoo

Tourists visiting Los Angeles zoo last week were left confused after a local comedian posted fake animal facts around the animal enclosures.

Californian prankster Jeff Wysaski printed nine posters featuring ‘information’ about animals including flamingos, meerkats, bears and owls.

The bizarre facts included stories about how gibbons love soup and the Southern Crested Screamer can see dead people. 

This isn’t the first time that Wysaski has pranked Californian residents. Last year he hung ten realistic signs for fake Halloween costumes – such as a rake and a ‘sexy potato – around a real fancy dress shop and also posted fake reviews for Ikea products within one of the stores.

The Los Angeles-based comic goes under the pseudonym ‘Obvious Plant’ because he does just that – plants obvious signs in public places.

He told MailOnline last year: ‘I enjoy the idea of people happening upon a little bit of weirdness in the real world, helping to make someone’s day a little more interesting is all the motivation I need.’  

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This article originally appeared on the Daily Mail.