Street Artist Behind Racy Hillary Mural Has His Instagram Account Deleted

Controversial Melbourne street artist, Lushsux, has been removed from Instagram following a provocative mural of Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Lushsux reportedly awoke this morning to find his account had been wiped from the popular social media site.

He had more than 100,000 Instagram followers and has been painting for around 16 years.

The local artist told 9NEWS he suspected “bias” because of the “Hillary Clinton mural”, and put it down to political motive as the root cause of his account being deleted without warning.

“The timing is a little bit suspicious considering the DNC is on at the moment. Facebook is well-known to be a supporter of the Democratic party. I don’t know, it could be conspiracy but it’s a bit strange,” he said.

“It’s fine to go on and do a mural on Trump, but when I go and do one on Hillary Clinton, my account is gone.”

His portrait of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, clad in a revealing swimsuit fashioned from the American flag, is believed to have been the catalyst of his omission from the social media site.

Lushsux accompanied his Instagram post of the mural with the caption, “stupid sexy Hillary”.

He reportedly plans to combat censorship on Instagram by creating a new account, @Lushsux2.

Lushsux took to Facebook earlier today to report the owners of the building featuring the mural of Mrs Clinton now face fines from Maribyrnong Council.

“First censorship on the Internet and now comes the censorship in the real world…,” he wrote.

While the local artist regularly paints satirical portraits of celebrities, in recent weeks US political leaders have been his main inspiration.

Suggestive murals splashed across Melbourne’s street-scape have included Republican nominee Donald Trump passionately kissing Mrs Clinton.

Another portrayed a topless Melania Trump emblazoned with the Mrs Clinton’s campaign catchphrase,  “I’m With Her” off Smith Street in Collingwood.

Lushsux also sparked controversy for his now-defaced mural of Taylor Swift.

Painted onto a wall of Hosier Lane, the artwork originally read “In loving memory of Taylor Smith”.

He allegedly changed “Swift” to “Smith” to avoid any legal drama.

“It was damaged twice in a row, once by me,” he said.

The Swift artwork was reportedly created in response to the on-going feud between the pop-star and her nemesis, Kim Kardashian.


This article originally appeared on 9 News.


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