South Carolina Beauty Queen Arrested For Something Every High School Student Has Done Before

beauty queen

Remember back in high school where we all came up with the lamest excuses ever to try and get out of actually going to class? Yeah, turns out that’s a no-no in small town South Carolina, because a beauty queen named Madison Cox was just arrested for doing it.

Cox, a 17-year-old who attends Byrnes High School, wasn’t just called to the principal’s office for forging fake doctor’s notes to avoid school, but she was actually handcuffed and booked by cops because of it, throwing some serious salt in her hooky game.

A former Miss Spartanburg International and Miss South Carolina Teen International winner, Cox found all of the attention rather humorous, tweeting after the story got out.

beauty queen 02

But for those who would chide her and tell her that she’s ruined her life, here is the teen’s rebuttal:

beauty queen 01


We’re not sure why they would bother to arrest her if they were just going to drop the charges, but it sounds like the case of some ridiculous law on the books that just never got over turned. Boy, have we heard about those before…